I met Darryl at his downtown loft last week. He started the label Dry Clean Only and I got to take some exclusive pics of the sample pieces. He had just completed the line and it is superdope!. Grown man swag.. When Brandon told me about, I was worried it may be oversized tees and loud prints but this is totally the opposite. What caught my eye first is the plain white tee with cashmere pocket! Yup… told ya..its for the grown and sexy… I also loved the varsity style jackets. They are much more fitted than the generic kind and are constructed with a  mix of Denim and Leather worn by Brandon or the Leather and Cashmere worn by Juan, you aint ready!  I can see Brooke D’Leau rocking this ish or over in the UK my boy Reggie Yates…
On a good day, if I see you rocking this, you can get some.. :D

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